I want to drive to Wellington

by on June 13, 2011

Many people call us wanting to one way trip to place like Wellington and Christchurch and whilst we do not do one way hires we have found from our experience that it is much cheaper to do a return trip to Auckland than it is to pay one of the major companies a relocation fee.

James Blond Ltd have a 3 day unlimited km rate for all their trucks and with prices starting as low as $550 for 3 days unlimited kms it makes the trip to Wellington a cost effective return trip it also means heaven forbid that you need to make two trips then you can do this without excessive mileage charges applying on your return, James Blond Ltd also offer the option for a small additional cost to extend the unlimited km hire should you require it.

If you are moving to the South Island then i regret to say that the ferry crossing limits the trucks that we here at James Blond Ltd can rent you as there are very strict controls on what may and what may not be loaded onto the ferry without approved ferry tie hooks and none of our trucks have these so it is only a truck with a GVM of less than 3500kgs that may cross, so this severely limits your options.

But if you are moving in the North Island then give us a call on 0800 525 663 and discuss your options for the unlimited km rates.

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